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Do not let your debts pile up and suffer in silence. Get in touch with the team at Westexe Mortgages for professional advice. We will tailor everything to your situation and offer the most appropriate solutions to sort the issue. Whether you are considering a loan or want to find out more about remortgaging your home, we are here to help.

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Debt Advice

The team at Westexe Mortgages have successfully been helping clients to consolidate their debts for over 40 years. So, for professional debt advice, make us your first call. We understand that credit card and loan debts can easily get out of control and result in financial hardship, which is why it is important to find the correct solution for the issue. We recommend a full consultation as there are a number of ways to tackle the problem, and this can be done free of charge with no obligation.

For clients with equity remaining in their property, a remortgage is often proven to be the most effective solution as it will result in much lower total monthly outgoings. We can talk you though all the available options that are suited to your situation.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Some people may be lucky enough to have a low interest rate on their mortgage, and they may not want to lose this benefit. Therefore, debt consolidation loans should be considered. Rates for secured loans start as low as 3.75%, and they may prove to be the best option. These loans have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the application process can be quickly arranged.

Furthermore, another option would be a debt management program. However, these plans can seriously affect your credit rating, which is why it is vital to seek professional advice before taking any action.

In addition, there are also organizations like the Citizens Advice Bureau who offer free impartial advice.

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